Djinn / Bob born february 23rd 2012

This is our very first breed, in other words those born on February 23rd 2012 of the wedding between Djinn and Bob.

Djinn_10m_1 Efoly’s Djinnbob_MG_7207 Efoly’s Bob
GV_Lola_jaune_F90Lola GV_Lupa_Gris_F90Lupa Lana Lhamza du Gardien de Velana Lhamza Lychee du Gardien de Velana Lychee Laïko du Gardien de Velana Laïko Laïka du Gardien de Velana Laïka Leo du Gardien de Velana Leo Legend du Gardien de Velana Legend

Eight of them joined their families. Lychee only remained with us … She is the reason for this first litter. This was a rich experience and sensations… not that restful ! …. But we will do it again. And if you are looking for the reason of the colors of the names of our 9 small protected; it just matches the colors of wool they received as a necklaces at birth!

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